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Larry Cowling is the Founder and CEO of www.HireMyCaravan.com.au. An avid Caravan enthusiest, Larry was constantly being asked by family and friends if they could 'hire' his caravan while it was not being used by Larry and his family. It wasn't long before the light bulb went off!

"Why wouldn't other Caravan owners be interested in making an additional income by hiring out there Caravans when not in use" says founder and CEO Larry Cowling.

"I knew there was a demand in this niche because I was experiencing it first hand." said Larry.

The result was www.HireMyCaravan.com.au.

Specifically targeting private caravan owners and holiday makers, 'Hire My Caravan' is providing a connection point for the two, giving Caravan holiday makers the chance to privately hire a Caravan at prices that met their budgets, while putting some additional income in the back pocket of Caravan owners which would otherwise be collecting dust!

Caravaning is a hugely popular trend in Australia and around the world at the moment and is only getting bigger!

We hope to connect you with a Caravan that meets your requirements the next time you go on holidays!